About Me

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I was living in Australia, enjoying a fulfilling career as a registered nurse when I was faced with the reality that I would need to retire from my profession at only 37 years old. This decision came after years of struggling with fatigue, insomnia, suffering from chronic pain, and finally reaching the point of full exhaustion. 


I resigned from my job in Australia and left for New Zealand to stay with my parents and "recover from exhaustion." But, unfortunately, my health rapidly declined, and almost bedridden. I discovered that my symptoms, including years of irritable bowel syndrome and migraines, were all within the cluster of the symptoms that is  - Fibromyalgia.


I started on the long and painful task of experimenting with medications and alternative treatments to manage my symptoms. Thankfully I had the foresight to notice that my body wasn't coping in the stressful environment of nursing some two years earlier. Having a passion for food, health, and fitness, I was drawn towards studying nutrition and obtained qualifications in nutritional therapy and wellness coaching.


As I started on my journey with fibromyalgia, I faced the realization that I had to put my knowledge into action to deal with the disabling pain and fatigue I was experiencing.  I slowly started implementing self-care and stress reduction strategies, in addition to completely revamping my diet. It's taken years of trial and error, with countless hours of research to discover how to utilize self-care and nutrition to help reduce the frequency and severity of my symptoms. I've strived to gain nutritional knowledge specific to fibromyalgia, and I'm constantly reviewing and assessing my own experiences with this complex syndrome.


Living with fibromyalgia is most often a life of pain, suffering and frustration. There is no magic pill or one single treatment that fits all. It is a deeply personal and unique journey but I am confident that nutrition, stress reduction, and lifestyle modifications can play a significant role in helping manage fibromyalgia symptoms.


House of Health Fibromyalgia Blog is here to help you on your fibromyalgia journey and help you cultivate a better life living with fibromyalgia. Please don't hesitate to reach out directly to me or connect with me on Instagram.