Fibromyalgia Journals & Planners

Fibro Fog Planner: 90 Days of Focus; Daily, Weekly and Monthly Journal, Priorities, To-Do Lists; Sleep Tracker; Medication and Supplements Tracker; Notes; Plus Tips For Fibromyalgia Brain Fog. 

Feeling overwhelmed & frustrated by Fibro Fog?

Fibro fog is real & this planner is designed to help you reduce stress by focusing on planning out your days, keeping track of things to do, & remembering important dates & tasks.

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Fibromyalgia is not just a condition of chronic pain and fatigue; it can also cause mental tiredness, memory problems, poor focus, and concentration. These symptoms are often described as brain fog or Fibro Fog.

Fibro fog is different for each person suffering from it. Here are some examples of how fibro fog might present itself:

  • Forgetting plans, or where you left your keys or phone, more often than usual

  • Feeling foggy in the head so that thoughts come slowly

  • Not feeling as mentally sharp as you know you were before developing Fibromyalgia

  • Increasingly poor concentration doing everyday tasks; following a recipe, or reading a book

  • Making more spelling or grammar mistakes than usual for you

  • Inability to focus enough to complete a job or your daily workload

  • You feel distracted during a conversation

  • A reduced ability to do mathematical tasks you once found simple

Fibro Fog can be debilitating, but you can take back control of your life by planning with this planner.

+ BONUS - Get access to House of Health's Guide to Fibro Fog - Learn how to stimulate your mind, increase focus, and enhance memory - Password included inside to download your guide.

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