My Fibromyalgia Journey

Fibromyalgia Journey

I was living in Australia, enjoying a successful and fulfilling career as a registered nurse when I was faced with the reality that I would need to retire from my profession at only 37 years old. This decision came after years of struggling with fatigue, insomnia, suffering from chronic pain and finally reaching the point of full exhaustion. 


After leaving nursing, I also left my home in Australia to spend time with my parents in New Zealand to "recover". Now bed ridden and feeling depressed because of my physical decline I learnt that my symptoms, which also included years of irritable bowel syndrome and migraines were all within the cluster of the syndrome fibromyalgia.


I started on the long and painful task of experimenting with various medications, alternative treatments and taking small steps the best I could to manage my symptoms. Thankfully I had the foresight that my body wasn't going to cope in the stressful environment of nursing. Having a passion for food, health and fitness I was naturally drawn towards studying nutrition and I had already spent time gaining qualifications in nutritional therapy and wellness coaching.


I never imagined I would ultimately need to use this wealth of knowledge to help myself learn to live with fibromyalgia. I started on my road to better health by taking time to focus on looking after myself better, implementing self care strategies, learning to manage stress better and completely revamping my diet. It took years of trial and error and much research to find how to use self care and nutrition to help reduce my symptoms. Most importantly it resulted in the reduction, frequency and severity of fibromyalgia flares.


I've always wanted to help others, and though I no longer work in nursing I'm excited to now have the Fibromyalgia Wellness Blog - House of Health. I have strived to gain nutritional knowledge specific for fibromyalgia and I am constantly reviewing and assessing my own experiences with this complex syndrome.


Living with fibromyalgia is most often a life of pain, suffering and frustration. There is no magic pill or one single treatment that fits all. It is a deeply personal and unique journey but I am confident that nutrition can play a role in helping manage fibromyalgia symptoms. For some people the role will be significant while for others it may only be minor. The best we can do is to find what works best for us as unique individuals with unique fibromyalgia symptoms. Meeting your own nutritional needs, utilizing food that has healing properties and avoiding food that trigger symptom, has the ability to decrease pain and the severity of symptoms like IBS and boost mood and energy levels.


My mission in creating House of Health is to help you on your own personal health journey. The knowledge I have gained about fibromyalgia, self care and nutrition will help you discover the best route for your journey, and most importantly, help you cultivate a better life living with fibromyalgia.