Top 10 Quotes for Fibromyalgia

Updated: Nov 16

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Are you looking for meaningful quotes that reflect your Fibromyalgia journey?

Here are ten inspirational quotes you can share on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Fibromyalgia Quote

"Fibromyalgia…Imagine waking up every day in pain, not knowing whether you can function. Fibromyalgia requires learning the balance between surrendering and fighting. And no-one even knows you are in a battle". -Unknown

This quote is specific for Fibromyalgia, but unfortunately, the author of these profound words is unknown. However, this quote is intensely relatable, and I think most Fibromyalgia warriors know this battle, and these words will resonate deeply.

Invisible Illness Quote

"When you have an invisible illness, the instinct is to blend in and “Fake it ‘till you make it”. As you probably know, this survival mechanism is good in the short term but awful in the long term. It Makes you feel inhuman - like you are constantly projecting a fake persona. Like no on actually knows you. Like you have no real connection with anyone. Like I said: Awful". -Katrina Quarry